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There are many websites that offer access to the Japanese Auction System. Many offer all sorts of Membership Benefits and Pricing systems  Our Auction System is 100% FREE to use. We dont have any tricks or gimmicks, nor do we have any tricky signing up procedures. Within two minutes of entering our Auction Access website you will be searching over 35,000 cars at Japanese Auction Houses on a weekly basis.

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We will translate all auction sheets FREE for our active members. Try Now and Click the link above and have a test translation.

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We have many support options for you! Contact us by going to our contact us page or alternatively try our Live Help service.

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With our service you receive 100% free access to all car auctions in Japan. Within 2 minutes you will be fully active online.

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We will supply you with 30 additional Photos of your new Car over and above what the Auctions already supply. This service is free to our members.


Limited Time, FOB Fee Reduction ¥65,000 per car

Any car up to 1.0 Million JPY

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