Easy Steps To Your New Car are Below

Looking for and possibly buying a car online can be quite stressful. We have done our utmost to explain the basics of what you need to do. There is no perfect scenario for everyone however you should find most of what you need here somewhere.

Follow the arrows

Learn How to buy stock and search auctions

Start Here

This is the best place to start. Read on and learn the steps to using the system.

Free Support

If you get stuck at any time use our free Live Support. Its on the right looking at you.


We also have a large FAQ section that may hold the key to your questions. Look there also.

Its Starts Here

Now we will start the process of how to use this website and the auction website

How to ask about stock

About our Stock

Access Point

This website serves as an access point between you the buyer for our online stock and Auction Access Japan

Click on any stock car

Click on the stock car and check the details. If you like what you see click the message tab or inquire tab

Get more details

When you see a car you like and want more information we will respond to you directly within 24 hours from receiving your email

Dont See Your Car!

Obviously we cant stock every car for all preferences. Try the Japanese Auction! Look Below at how to use the Auctions

lots of information below


All brands

Japanese Auto Auctions or Car Auctions stock all popular and not so popular cars makes and models. The volume is huge.

Getting Into Auction

Get started by clicking any of the many links on this website to enter the auction page. If you cant see one copy this www.japautoauctions.com

Register, Log in

If you are not already a member you will need to register. Registration takes about two minutes and is simple. Already a member just log in.

Start at the top

Start at the top and decide what type of car you are looking for. Keep it simple for a while and just have a general search

Use a Filter

Start buy filtering your searches. Filtering will exclude many of vehicles that you are simply not interested in and save time

Click on links

After your search is complete cars will be displayed as a drop down. Click on any car number on the left side and the full details will be displayed

Check many cars

Check many cars and have some fun. These cars are constantly changing so everyday there are new targets. Save some as favorites

Do a test bid

Send us a test bid using the system. Dont worry you wont buy anything. Click on your car and enter the bid on the top right side of the page

Click Send

Once you have sent your bid it will come to us via email. We do the bidding for you. Dont worry we wont bid without talking to you first

Sheet Translation

Once we have your bid we will reply again via email with an auction sheet translation from Japanese to English for you with full details

Time to bid

Ok now its time to bid and for us to try to buy a car for you within your budget. Prior to bidding we will discuss a simple strategy. We are pro's dont worry


Prior to bidding we will request a deposit from you which can be paid either by Paypal or by bank transfer. Read on to see why we need this

Deposit Requirement

We will need a deposit yes. If we are lucky enough to buy your car we mast pay for this car in full within 24 hours. The deposit is for trust and only required once

Deposit confirmation

Once your have completed the deposit we will confirm this with you via email and its time to start the bidding process. This normally can all happen within 2 to 12 hours

Bidding starts

Now we start bidding. Occasionally it will take 2 to 3 cars to win our first car so dont worry. Remember that we do not charge for bidding so try as often as you like. Enjoy the fun

Change your bid

As long as we have not bought you are car you can change your bid at any time free of charge. We need a little warning time but its no problem

Relax Time

Now its time for you to relax and let us work for you! When its auction time there is little you can do but wait for us to do our work and the get back to you

Bidding Time

Bidding takes anywhere from 15 to 30 seconds from beginning to end. We either win or lose. The highest bid will win. If you bid $5,000 and the car is $4,500 its yours at $4,500

Result Notification

We will either email you or chat by Skype, Whatsapp or whatever about the result on the day of auction so that you can prepare for the invoice and make room in your garage

Your new car

You are now the owner of a new car. We will be in touch to discuss finer details including payment and shipping to your port soon after confirmation of winning